Andrew Richards

Founder & Entrepreneur

Andrew firmly believes that in construction you are only as good as your last job. He has instilled a culture of operational excellence within the team focused on exceptional project delivery.

“We founded AIS Utilities Limited to be the good different within the industry. We understood the failures and frustrations that were abundant within utility infrastructure and set about to resolve these industry challenges”

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Q&A with our founder

Describe your job in 3 words:

Inspiring Great People

Favourite Sports Team:

Wales (in the rugby!)

Favourite Hobby:

Rugby (when I’m not injured!)

Favourite Project:

Merrick Place – nothing quite beats the challenges involved in a 10km civils run across central London

Favourite Moment at AIS:

Starting out – the buzz and excitement of setting up a new company is something that is difficult to replicate

Last Book you Read:

I honestly can’t remember the last but I always say Rich Dad, Poor Dad is the very first book you should read!

Favourite Place:

Mountain Ash (South Wales). It may not always be where I live but it will always be home.

Best advice you ever received:

Don’t lose the battle of the forms! (if you know, you know)

What is next for AIS:

I believe with the amazing team we have created, the sky is the limit. We are relentless in our vision to be the best ICP in the sector