ben burge ais

The Essence of 7 P’s in Project Success

Having accumulated 25 years of experience in the Property and Construction industry, coupled with my earlier service in the British Army Royal Corps Of Signals, Ben understands the paramount importance of the 7 P’s (Prior Planning and Preparation Prevents Pretty Poor Performance ) in ensuring the success of any project.

Client-Centric Approach: Face-to-Face and Virtual Meetings

Strategically Analysing Upcoming Projects for Informed Utility Connections.

AIS dedicated team and Ben invest considerable time engaging with customers. We strategically assess upcoming projects, whether face-to-face, virtually, or over the phone. This approach positions AIS to offer invaluable advice on new Utility connections during the design stage.

AIS’s Solution-Oriented Approach: From Design to Formal Offer

Providing Accurate Proposals for Long-Term Cost and Time Savings.

Our commitment extends to providing detailed proposals and formal offers, a practice that saves both time and money in the long run and eliminates the pitfalls associated with inaccurate budget quotes, preventing unforeseen costs, variations, and potential delivery delays.

Building Bridges: Collaborating with Stakeholders

Effective Communication with Local Authorities, Highways, DNOs, and IDNOs.

The emphasis on stellar communication and robust relationships extends to our collaboration with various stakeholders, including local authorities, Highways, DNOs (District Network Operators), and IDNOs (Independent District Network Operators). This collaborative approach ensures that when planning and executing Electric, Gas, Water, or EV connections, we can rely on our network to complete the job on time and efficiently.

In-House Mastery: Control from Design to Delivery

AIS’s Dedicated Team of Design Engineers, Project Managers, and Installation Specialists.

AIS distinguishes itself by boasting in-house design engineers, project managers, and installation teams, including Civils and Traffic Management. This comprehensive approach grants us complete control throughout the process, minimizing dependence on third parties and ensuring the delivery of new utilities within agreed timescales and budgets.

Early Engagement Wisdom: The Key to Seamless Utility Connections

Ben’s Advice on Initiating Conversations for Successful Project Outcomes.

When asked about the most critical consideration for new Utility Connections, Ben’s response is unequivocal – reach out to us immediately, right from the inception of your site or project. Early engagement allows us to provide tailored solutions and proactive support, setting the foundation for a successful and seamless project execution.