Electricity Connection

Electricity Connection Service

As a NERS accredited Utility Connection Provider, AIS Utilities Limited is approved and accredited to provide new electricity connections across the UK.

We offer a complete turnkey electricity connection service, including initial applications, design, and all competitive connection works elements. Competitive works that we can undertake as an alternative to the network include LV and HV new connections and disconnections.

AIS specialise in procuring and installing 11kV substations, including testing and commissioning, which we aim to offer alongside cost and time savings against the network​.


AIS Utilities require minimum information:

  • Site Plan

  • Location Plan

  • Floor Plan (showing meter positions)

  • Accommodation Schedule

  • Loads
  • Substation Position (if applicable)

After form submission, a clear and concise connection proposal and plan will be produced detailing the work to be carried out.

New Electricity Connection

As an Independent Connection Provider (ICP), we can offer new connections to customers who are not currently connected to the electricity network.

We offer several advantages over Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) for new connections, including our experience and expertise in the connection process.

We also have a wide range of equipment and resources available to complete most new connection projects quickly and efficiently.

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The National Electricity Registration Scheme (NERS) has been developed to allow ICPs (independent connection providers) to carry out contestable connection work. A NERS ICP carries out work such as design, new connections to the network, civil works on and around properties to be connected, and installing electrical switches and transformers.

Timescale for Electricity Connection Quote

New electricity connections take up to 35 working days

Where the client provides a point of connection, we will look to return a quote in 5 working days.

This will include the costs of the new electricity supply and connection. Please note that this is a simple, straightforward process and that AIS Utilities will provide all relevant information.

Design and Installation

Because we understand that each customer and project is unique, we provide a hassle-free, bespoke design service to all our clients. Once you have accepted a proposal from us, one of our experienced designers will work closely with you to ensure that the installation meets your specific needs whilst also adhering to the strict regulations set out by the accrediting bodies.

We have designed connections for every type of customer, from domestic properties and small businesses to large industrial and commercial sites such as shopping malls and warehouse complexes. We also have extensive experience delivering five-year residential projects, including student accommodation and apartment buildings.

So, whatever your connectivity requirements are, we can provide a hassle-free solution.

Save Money

You can save up to 40% against network costs by establishing a new electricity connection using AIS Utilities.

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