Water Connection

The Water Industry Registration Scheme (WIRS), run by Lloyds Register on behalf of water utility companies, has granted AIS Utilities accreditation. According to a standard that is acceptable for adoption by the existing water utility company, the scheme certifies AIS Utilities to design, instal, test, and commission new water networks and service connections.

We collaborate with our clients throughout the course of a project, from the first determination of the network capacity’s accessibility to the delivery of the built-in assets to the water business for full adoption.


The Water Industry Registration Scheme (WIRS) is for contractors that connect new water supply or sewerage systems to existing systems. These are known as “self-lay” organisations, or SLOs.

Water Connection Quote

AIS Utilities require minimum information:

  • Site Plan

  • Location Plan

  • Schematics

  • Accommodation Schedule

  • Water Fittings Table

After form submission, a clear and concise connection proposal and plan will be produced detailing the work to be carried out.

Designing and Constructing Water Connection Networks

We comprehensively design and cost the water infrastructure in accordance with customer specifications as part of our water design process, either as a stand-alone work or as a component of a complete multi-utility solution.

Excavation, backfilling, and reinstatement are all parts of the process by which AIS UtilitiesĀ instals the entire network infrastructure of water mains and services.

Following installation, our staff carry out pressure testing, disinfection, and final connection to the live water network as part of the commissioning phase before handing over the new water assets to the local water authority.

Timescale for Water Connection Quote

Water connections take up to 10 working days for budget

It can take up to 35 working days for a firm quote

Where the client provides a network water design, we will look to return a quote in 5 working days.

All network fees are payable by the client. Please note that this is a simple, straightforward process and that AIS Utilities will provide all relevant information.

Benefit from Reduced Capital Costs

NAV Appointment

For bigger projects, NAVs use the water network. A developer can benefit from lower capital expenses and more flexible design alternatives by employing a NAV.

OFWAT decision typically takes 6 months

Find out more about NAV.

Our experts at AIS UtilitiesĀ are skilled at communicating with the water authority and confronting them on matters like statutory water tariffs and any required customer contributions in order to lower consumer costs.

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