Gas Connection

As a certified UIP, we take pride in our reputation for offering turnkey solutions. From new connections and disconnections to design and installation, we have it all covered. Our experienced team can help you save money against network costs while delivering a top-quality service.

The most common type of gas connection is called a mains supply. A mains supply is the main feed from your utility company into your home. It comes in two types: copper and natural gas.

Copper gas connections are more common, but they require an extra piece of equipment to make them work correctly – a meter. Metering allows you to check how much gas is used in your home and helps keep the bill down by helping you avoid overuse.

Meters can be purchased or installed by the contractor establishing the new connection, so it’s essential.

Gas Connection Quote

AIS Utilities require minimum information:

  • Site Plan

  • Location Plan

  • Floor Plan (showing meter positions)

  • Accommodation Schedule

  • Loads
  • Substation Position (if applicable)

After form submission, a clear and concise connection proposal and plan will be produced detailing the work to be carried out.

Delivering Turnkey Solutions within the Gas Sector

From gas connection to gas supply – our specialists provide a comprehensive range of services that help ensure your premises are connected to the natural gas grid. From designing and installing new systems to maintaining and upgrading existing ones, we’re dedicated to providing your property is always in compliance with regulations.

Design and Installation

We have been assessed and accredited nationally by Lloyds Register to carry out the following infrastructure works:

  • CNRB
  • CCCR

We can design, install and commission gas projects of all sizes and complexities, from small domestic installations to large industrial sites. We will carry out the following work on your property:

  • Survey the property to establish an outline of the gas supply requirements
  • Design and install a new gas connection, connecting to an existing mains gas service

  • Suppliers of materials and equipment for installation will be liaised with in advance
  • All necessary permits will be obtained before commencing works


Gas Industry Registration Scheme (GIRS) licenced providers can perform new gas connections, service changes, or disconnections, depending on the extent of their accreditations.

Timescale for Gas Connection Quote

New gas connections take up to 10 working days

Where the client provides a point of connection, we will look to return a quote in 5 working days.

This will include the costs of the new electricity supply and connection. Please note that this is a simple, straightforward process and that AIS Utilities will provide all relevant information.

Save Money

You can save up to 40% against gas network costs by establishing a new electricity connection using AIS Utilities.

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