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Power up your new development with ease

Let us handle the connections for water, gas, and electricity

AIS Utilities is a NERS, GIRS, & WIRS accredited Independent Connection Provider (ICP)

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Empowering Your Project’s Success with Exceptional Utility Solutions

At AIS Utilities, we are at the forefront of the utilities sector with cutting-edge
solutions that deliver results. Our focus is on what truly matters, ensuring
success for your project through exceptional service.

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AIS is committed to helping developers and contractors overcome delays and a lack of initiative from the DNR
We take a proactive approach to gather all necessary information and access plans to efficiently and quickly get your project approved.
At AIS Utilities, we are committed to providing you with the solutions you need to get your project off the ground

Are you a developer or contractor who is tired of dealing with delays and a lack of initiative when working with the DNR?

We understand your frustration and want to help you overcome these barriers.

Benefits of using an ICP
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The two main benefits of using an ICP instead of going straight to the network

Cost advantage

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By using an ICP and getting their constructed network adopted, you’re entitled to a payment for the IDNO to purchase that asset from yourself, leading to a cost advantage. Additionally, ICPs tend to be more cost-competitive.

Time advantage

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Ability to bring together gas, electricity, water, and telecoms: ICPs can effectively open one permit depending on the point of connection, allowing you to bring in gas, electricity, and water and take advantage of time-saving opportunities

Thanks to you and your team for getting the works completed. Even though it was difficult to locate the gas main in the road (SGN couldn’t even locate it!) we got there in the end and your guys were very patient and helpful. I was constantly updated by phone, so we knew exactly where we were and what the plan was. Appreciate all the hard work


Not only did we appreciate all of your support throughout the tendering and PCSA period, you then delivered the project on budget and to programme. Couldn’t ask for any more

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